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againstdespair: (foundation of hope)

I shall destroy despair

that is my resolve

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Created on 2016-10-19 21:53:23 (#2556014), last updated 2017-06-23 (17 weeks ago)

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Name:宗方 京助 | Munakata Kyosuke
"Hope doesn't belong to those willing to die. It belongs to those willing to kill."

[canon: dangan ronpa 3: the end of hope's peak academy | age: 25 | height: 186 cm (6'1")]

Vice-leader of the Future Foundation and head of its second branch, Munakata Kyosuke holds a great deal of power in the organization--even more than the actual leader, Tengan Kazuo. Determined and charismatic, Munakata has waged war against Ultimate Despair ever since the fall of Hope's Peak, and has taken upon the responsibility of eliminating despair by any means necessary. His resolve to wipe out despair, even at the cost of allies and others' lives, contrasts sharply with Naegi Makoto's, and he considers his underclassman very naive as a result.

Once hopeful and with great ambitions to make Hope's Peak Academy flourish, the years of fighting and killing have turned Munakata into a cynic who determines his actions with cold logic. The events of the Final Killing Game have unraveled him, making his emotions and recklessness come to the forefront.
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